Insurers World – Ranking of insurance companies in 2022

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Where is Insurers World’s headquarters?

Insurers World is located in Canton, Massachusetts, United StatesUnited States

Ranking of insurance companies in 2022
Position as insurer Rank in the
«Global 500»
Insurer Country
1 21 Ping An China
2 30 Allianz Germany
3 80 China Life China
4 117 AXA France
5 124 CPIC China
6 149 Geico USA
7 150 AIA China
8 175 Progressive USA
9 179 LIC India
10 180 Canadia Life Canada
11 181 Chubb USA
12 187 Metlife USA
13 208 PICC China
14 213 Allstate USA
15 228 Travelers USA
16 239 Generali Italy
17 266 Poste Italiane Italy
18 280 Zurich Insurance Switzerland
19 292 Manulife Canada
20 299 Aviva UK
21 343 NIssaye / Nippon Life Insurance Japan
22 375 Prudential USA
23 376 Swiss Re Switzerland
24 385 Fubon Financial China
25 390 Munich Re Germany
26 420 Cathay Life Insurance China
27 442 New China Life China
28 457 Tokio Marine Japan
29 478 China Taiping China

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Where is Insurers World's

This article is intended to be especially useful to policymakers and practitioners who have little or no background in the operations of an insurance company who wish to understand better and react more effectively to decisions made by insurers.

The primary purpose is to provide insurance companies with practical advice about avoiding or mitigating risks from underwriting and investing in companies or projects whose activities may harm the world heritage sites.

To develop a guidance for the insurance industry, PSI and the World Wildlife Fund will work together with UN Education; EcoFACT, a provider of sustainable development services; and founding signatories of a commitment statement, including leading insurance companies–representing approximately $170 billion of gross premiums written and $2.7 trillion of assets under management–as well as insurance associations and major stakeholders.

Read NZIAs statement of commitments for further details about specific commitments that your firm would undertake as a NZIA member, or get in touch to learn more about how the insurance industry can accelerate a shift towards net-zero-emissions economies.

The United Nations-convened Network Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) is a group of over 20 leading insurance companies representing more than 11% of global premium volumes.

Allianz is a leading global financial services company, providing products and services ranging from insurance to asset management. AXA is one of the worlds leading insurance groups, with core businesses in property and casualty insurance, life insurance, savings, and asset management.

China Life Insurance is one of mainland Chinas largest publicly-owned insurers and financial services firms, and is also a major player on the Chinese capital markets as an institutional investor.

Californias insurance market is among the largest in the world; it is valued at much more than $123 billion. The California Department of Insurance regulates the industry in order to protect consumers and to help keep an economy-healthy marketplace.

If insurers are licensed at the local level and follow the local regulations, that insurance provider is considered a licensed insurer.

Hartford partners with Insurers in more than 200 countries to offer coverage under locally licensed and admitted bases. Insurers World(tm) has been an insurers preferred partner to create precise LQQs and compensation, unmatched by other industry services, since 1978.

INVESTORS looking for a bit of a silver lining in the downturn of this years markets should look no further than the insurance companies.

Listing the top global insurance companies, this directory provides an easy way to analyze the top global insurers based on the amount of premiums they write, as well as their net assets.

A total of 105 insurance companies made the Forbes Global 2000 this year, ranking the 2,000 largest publicly traded companies worldwide by composite scores accounting for their revenues, profits, assets, and market capitalization. The top insurance companies in the world The 2.

The A.M. Best Annual Rankings were published in the Dec. 31, 2018, issue of BestWeek. Chinas Ping An Group held onto its position as the top-ranked insurer in Forbess annual Global 2000, although in the past year, it has faced greater challenges than many of its American and European peers, falling 11 spots to No. Chinas Ping An Insurance (Group) Ltd. is the newcomer in NPWs Top 5, following its 30% increase in annual premiums from 2017. In addition to insurance, Ping An group offers banking, asset management, and health services and has total assets of US$1.6 trillion.

With a global customer base, the Legal & General Group provides an array of products for asset management, retirement, savings, and general insurance. Prudential PLC is a London-based insurer and investment services company offering products from life, health, accident, property, and casualty policies, to retirement, share plans, mortgages, and other financial services.

This paper examines domestic insurers views, summarises positions on asset choice, and the main drivers behind the present and desired asset mix. More customers are questioning whether exchange-rate risks will be sufficiently covered by local insurance policies.

The Enservio Contents Platform.

The Enservio Contents Platform is revolutionizing the way insurance companies operate. Our technology enables carriers to unleash the highest quality business outcome for their contents programs — superior customer happiness and efficient workflow – by empowering carriers to provide policyholder self-service and exploiting real-time business intelligence.
For better security and performance, the Contents Platform is built on our own SaaS cloud environment. With our exclusive cloud architecture, you can be confident you’re running the most up-to-date version of our platform, which is automatically updated, and that your software is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for IT installation or maintenance.
The platform includes a comprehensive set of software solutions that cover every area of the content management value chain. Take a look at what we have to offer below:

ContentsExpress is a content management system that allows you to manage your content.

Top insurance providers across the country trust ContentsExpress as the industry’s best contents management solution. ContentsExpress was designed with claim processing speed and accuracy in mind, allowing claims professionals to work smarter and quicker, giving your team the ultimate boost in workflow productivity while meeting policyholder requirements.
You’ll be in the driver’s seat to manage your content program for optimum ROI with real-time actionable business data and complete assignment flexibility.
The patented cloud-based SaaS platform allows insurance adjusters to collaborate with policyholders while also allowing them to self-service important portions of their claim.
The TrueLKQ product search engine and AutoLKQ match technology use the industry’s most powerful contents database, which contains 15 million products and the most up-to-date pricing, to deliver automatic like, kind, and quality contents recommendations for inventory items.
Simply put, ContentsExpress enables insurance carriers to achieve the best possible business results for their content programs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more efficient workflow.


  • Assists in the transition to self-service for policyholders.
  • It enables you to attain higher levels of client satisfaction.
  • Increases carrier crew efficiency by up to 80%.
  • Allows services work to be flexible enough to respond to any industry climate.
  • Provides you with actionable business intelligence to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Every time, a quick and precise claim settlement is achieved.
  • Prior to settlement, detects fraudulent claims in real time (add-on feature)


Customer Portal Increases customer satisfaction by empowering policyholders in the contents inventory process.
  • Allows policyholders to generate their own inventory of their contents.
  • Supports photo and receipt attachments at the item level.
  • For a better user experience, it’s compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Flexibility in the assignment

It’s your choice whether to value contents in-house, transmit to Enservio, or send to a third party.
  • Adapt your process to any industrial climate with ease.
  • Manage pending claims efficiently.
  • Keep track of your loss adjustment costs.


built-in insurance logic, which can be adapted to match your company’s standards, improves workflow efficiency.
  • Depreciation should be managed consistently.
  • Correctly apply tax codes
  • Put restrictions in place.
TrueLKQ® is a search engine developed by TrueLKQ®.
Every time, achieve fast, precise, and consistent content values.
AutoLKQ® match technology generates content recommendations based on likes, kindness, and quality.
Search over 15 million products with nightly updated pricing and exclusive offers.

Receipt Manager 

takes the worry out of depreciation that can be recovered.
  • Policyholders can readily match receipts for you.
  • In one click, you can recover all recoverable depreciation.
  • Detection of Fraud (add-on)
  • All claims and fraud are managed in one system.
Detects soft fraud claims that aren’t detected by existing tools.
With a single click, quickly triage claims

Platform for Paysurance.

Paysurance® is a full-featured payment solution suite tailored to the insurance sector. The technology enables you to get money into the hands of your insured up to 3X faster and save up to 80% on costs. Our safe and easy-to-integrate platform accepts payments for vehicle, homeowners (structure, ALE, possessions, CAT), B2B, and mortgage.
All modern types of payments, including EFT for single and multiple payees, card, B2B, and virtual payments, as well as payments for mortgages or liens, are available to you.

Activation by Multiple Parties

Insurance carriers can provide policyholders the flexibility of claims settlement money on two or more payment instruments that can be used simultaneously thanks to our innovative electronic settlement technology. Before funds are available, all payees must agree payment, mimicking the security features of multi-party checks and streamlining the claims settlement procedure overall.
The patents cover all electronic payments that replace multi-party checks, including electronic funds transfers, debit cards, mortgage payments, and mobile payments.


  • Increases policyholder satisfaction by up to 3X faster putting money in their hands.
  • It can save you up to 80% on your expenses.
  • Multi-party authorization is a patented technology that extends the reach of electronic payments.
  • Lower LAE and optimized payment methods – EFT, card, B2B, and mortgage or lien – improve KPIs and ROI.
  • Reduces the number of monitoring claims that need to be approved for a mortgage, resulting in speedier payments.
  • Offers unique discounts, cash back, and extended warranties to retain policyholders.
  • Allows the policyholder to choose from a variety of payment options.
Read more about the key features

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